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Our restored old-style single screen movie theatre palace has been showing movies since 1915!


Welcome to Jan Grefstad's Hollywood Cinema


20 St. Georges Road, Avondale, Auckland.

Phone 09 828 8393.

Enjoy the latest high-tech movies in our comfortable, friendly and nostalgic surroundings.



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Fresh Movies

  • Noble

    True story biopic on children's rights campaigner Christina Noble, a feisty and courageous Irishwoman who was forced into homelessness as a teen when abandoned by her father. As an adult, her compassionate nature drove her to help nearly a million street-children and their families in Vietnam and Mongolia.

  • A Royal Night Out

    On the day allied forces return from WWII as victors, Princess Elizabeth (the future Queen of England) and her sister Margaret are granted permission to anonymously leave Buckingham Palace for the evening. The two enter a nightlife filled with excitement and romance in this true, feel-good drama from the director of Brideshead Revisited.


  • That Sugar Film

  • Australian actor Damon Gameau attempts to expose the truth about the sugar content in supposedly 'healthy' food by maintaining a diet consisting of only those culprits, including low fat yoghurt, muesli bars, juices and cereals. Features guest cameos from Stephen Fry, Isabel Lucas and Brenton Thwaites, interviews with Gary Taubes, Michael Moss and Kimber Stanhope..